Wandsworth Artists Open House 2018

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Wandsworth Artists Open House 2018

I’d love to be a full-time artist. But I’m not. I’m lucky, though, because what I do for a living is something I also love. I’m a digital marketing professional and – with my business partner, Tamara – we run a partnership called ALTA Digital. We specialise in things like SEO, content and everything in between. In fact, this website was built by our web developer partner Tony.

But that’s not what this post is about. What I call my art habit is on the serious side. I never stop doodling and drawing – on the backs of envelopes, in my work notebook, wherever.

Etching at Putney Art School

I needed an outlet, so about five years ago I started going to Putney Art School. Having always loved print-making at school, I chose etching (actually because they didn’t offer lino printing classes). I’d never done it before, but boy did etching and me hit it off! I love it.

So, fast forward a few years. I started selling my etchings at the odd craft fair here and there and at one of these I was approached by Elzbieta Smolenska, one of the organisers of – what turned out to be – my local Open House trail. She encouraged me to join and I thought, why not?

Preparing for Wandsworth Artists Open House 2018

Ever since, I’ve been building up a body of work and thinking how to present it in my own home – that’s how these Open House weekends work. I’ve also had my etchings printed onto espresso cups (they’re so cute), mugs, cards and even fridge magnets. My stylised designs lend themselves to these other applications.


Supporting Project Harar

I became aware of the work that Project Harar do a couple of years ago through one of my local friends who works very actively with the charity. What they do is so impressive. Many children – already disadvantaged by poverty in Ethiopia – develop facial disfigurements as a result of insect bites and other infections. The impact can be ruinous on their life prospect. Project Harar not only carries out complex operations to correct these conditions (which also include cleft palate), they also train local clinicians, thereby extending their reach.

I’m not interested in making money out of my art projects, so I’ll be donating a percentage of my profits to Project Harar, but – if you don’t want to buy anything, that’s fine, you can still support what they do: I’ll have collection boxes in the house.

For details of how to find me please visit my profile on the Wandsworth Artists Open House 2018 

Looking forward to seeing you there!