Wandsworth Artists Open House 2018

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Wandsworth Artists Open House 2018 I’d love to be a full-time artist. But I’m not. I’m lucky, though, because what I do for a living is something I also love. I’m a digital marketing professional and – with my business partner, Tamara – we run a partnership called ALTA Digital. We specialise in things like ...

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What is gouache?

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The Italians called it mud! The word “gouache” derives from the Italian word for mud – guazzo. In the Sixteenth Century, this described a process of binding oil paint with a binding agent to create a matt finish. Today, gouache should be considered a part of the watercolour family. The pigments are the same, they’re ...

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What is etching?

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A very old print-making technique Etching goes right back to the Middle Ages and is one of the first forms of sophisticated print-making. Similar to engraving, etching also started out as a way of decorating metal – weapons and shields mostly. It took a fellow called Daniel Hopfer, a craftsman based in the south German ...

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