Painting of Lilies in Gouache on MDF

This painting of lilies in gouache on MDF is my most recent painting, which I started in February 2016. It sounds corny, but my husband brought the bunch of lilies home for me and I knew I wanted to draw and paint them immediately.

I had a few pieces of remnant MDF lying around, so I got down to work. While I was sort of happy with the result, I knew something wasn’t quite right. I had painted a blue background behind the flowers and the colours just didn’t sit right. The effect was far too garish. It took me a while to realise, but when I did repaint the background, the colours all sat back and worked together.

The original painting is not for sale (because I can’t part with it), but if you like it, there are options!

You can buy cards and framed photographic prints of the painting from me.

Or, if you would like to commission me to paint you a picture like this, pleaseĀ get in touch.