Etching depicting spring onions

Drawing and painting onions

I have always loved painting and drawing onions. When I was doing one of the etching courses at Putney School of Art, I explored this a bit further, opting for spring onions because of their wonderful lines and different textures – the roots are so expressive, the bulbs so shiny and round and the leaves so long and elegant.

Two different etchings

I created two different etchings, but of the exact same size, so they can be printed onto the same piece of paper – or separately. I still have a few remaining etchings from this edition – one of which is hand-painted (the original onions were in fact red). I’m also able to produce glicée prints on Somerset paper. These look terrific in floating frames. If you would like one, please let me know. Sets of  postcards of my assorted etchings are also available.