A partridge in a pear tree?

Things have moved on for me and lino printing. I ventured to my first print in 30 years just one year ago. And I’ve fallen in love again.

Why? It’s so flexible. It’s so easy to do at home. And – when you get it right – the results can be very pleasing. I printed this fellow in blue and I’m pleased with it. I’ve also put it on a coffee cup.

So, why a partridge lino print? Well, it goes back to my Three French Hens. I’m thinking about what to do for my Christmas card this year. Think of this as a study for that, because there’s obviously no pear tree in sight in this design. Looks like the partridge is walking through a bamboo forest, in fact. I don’t think there’s a Christmas carol about that!

As I often do nowadays, I’m also working on an etching of the same subject. Hoping that will come to life, too.