Work in progress

I’m going to stop selling my work on Etsy. It’s too expensive and time-consuming. Instead, I’ll be building a small e-commerce section to this site.

Can’t wait?

Buy mugs, espresso cups and a few other lovely things on the Zazzle website

Buy phone covers featuring the mackerel design, coasters and many more items on the Zippi website

Artify Alice mackerel etching design on a range of mugs Artify Alice mugs and coasters featuring the mackerel etching  Artify Alice mug featuring mackerel etching with a white background

If you’re local (I’m based between Putney and Southfields), you can drop by. I have a few etchings for sale, plus some giclée prints, espresso cups and a few mugs, place mats and coasters in stock. Email me to make an appointment.